We can help your brand reach its full potential, no matter where it is in its lifecycle using strategic insight, creative vision and an optimal mix of online & offline media. See our list of services

See what we do, based on where your brand is today.

It's time to learn about your market to find the spot that will give your brand the best opportunity to grow. At this stage, we'll help you cultivate the best possible genetic profile for your brand (the all-important Product Monograph).


Opportunity Mapping

  • Environmental Analysis
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Product Monograph Consultation
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Market Research

In review at Health Canada

Now that your brand's genes are set, you can work with your top-tier advisors to start cultivating its identity.


Seeding the market

  • KOL & Advocacy Development
  • Advisory Boards (live or virtual)
  • CME (live or virtual)
  • Crystalizing the Unmet Need
  • Patient Profile & Assessment Tools
  • Patient Pathway Implications


Is the need for your brand top-of-mind for your prescribing and patient audience? Now is the time to be generating pent-up demand – water, water, water!


Demand Generation

  • Educating Treaters on Unmet Need
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Patient Disease Education & Empowerment
  • Brand Positioning & Key Messaging
  • Core Concept Development


The moment we’ve all been waiting for:

Your brand breaks surface and starts to grow!

It's time to firmly establish its identity in the minds of your audience, and generate demand from your prospective patient base.


Brand Establishment

  • Core Sales Collateral & Training
  • Assessment & Patient Management Tools
  • Online & Offline Advertising
  • Social Media Stimulation & Online Marketing
  • Patient Education
  • Non-Personal Promotion

More than a year since launch

With all your hard work, your brand is now bearing fruit. Your goal is to optimize its yield, while keeping competitors at bay.


Brand Optimization

  • Patient Adherence Program
  • Patient Access Initiatives
  • Research & Success Measurement
  • Sales Meetings & Motivation
  • Solidifying Brand Advocates
  • Refreshed Campaigns (apply the 'learn')
Land Survey

Our services

Strategic Counsel

  • Environmental/Situational
  • Key Issues identification and
       Strategic Plan facilitation
  • Advisory Boards
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Competitive Audits
  • Market Research
  • Patient Profile(s) & Pathway

Creative Development

  • Brand Positioning
  • Core concept development
       (online & offline)
  • Integrated, multi-channel or
       stand alone campaigns
  • Key Selling Messages
  • Consumer, Patient & Medical
       copy development
  • PAAB, ASC management

Sales Support

  • Detail aids, Trail guides,
       Case studies, etc.
  • Sales training/POA Planning
  • Conference Support
  • Non-Personal promotion
       (strategy and implementation)


  • Print, broadcast, outdoor,
       Banner ads
  • Google ad word campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
       (i.e. Google Ad Words)
  • HTML email campaigns
  • Webinars

Social Media

  • Channel Strategy
       (Facebook, Twitter,
       YouTube, etc.)
  • Campaign planning
  • Monitoring & Optimization
  • Blog development
       & monitoring

Website Design/Development

  • Disease awareness (DTC)
  • Patient Support Programs
  • KOL e-advisory boards
  • eCME
  • Product sites/eDetails


  • Mobile application development
  • Online Video
  • eCompliance programs (SMS)
  • WebKey programs


  • Customer profiling
       & segmentation
  • Customer Acquisition
       & Retention initiatives
  • Customized, personalized
       communications (on/offline)
  • Customer value analyses
       (LTV & ROI)
  • Adherence programs


  • Customized Reporting/
  • Google Analytics, Webtrends,
       Urchin Stats
  • Multi-channel assessment
  • ROI/Campaign effectiveness