Med Comms Website Launch

Medical Insights Now Digital (MIND)


The Boehringer Ingelheim medical team approached CPC Healthcare to help them work with their newly-developed global digital team to create the first of its kind-a medical affairs website.The project had a number of obstacles to overcome, including, regulatory challenges, working with very busy KOL editorial board, creating tools never before seen at BI and dovetailing with concurrent global project.


We successfully worked with 8 oncologists, two other digital agencies located in the U.S. and Switzerland, and managed 12 internal stakeholders to create a site no one had seen before! It included a dynamic news feed relevant to non-small cell lung cancer, curated news and updates from across the therapeutic category and a slide deck creator tool that allowed physicians to create regulatory-approved but custom slide decks for download.

Great work indeed! Kudos goes to the entire team for going above and beyond the last few weeks sprinting through all the challenges and getting it done.
Absolutely a fantastic way of wrapping up the year!
– Project Team Lead
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