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The Assignment

Create a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) campaign to help create public awareness of a new prescription medication entering a highly competitive market. The campaign also had to adhere to strict Canadian DTC regulatory requirements.

Our Approach

We executed a DTC campaign (affectionately known as “The Pill”) that was targeted strategically and deployed both digitally and out of home. The campaign showcased the product in a cheeky manner as well as bold headlines that resonated with the targeted community. The audience was guided to Biktarvy.ca and the call-to-action was to initiate an important discussion with their physician.

The Results

Conversion of people engaging with the site far exceeded expectations. Awareness levels soared as did the discussions held between patients and their physicians. This campaign was deemed a winner at both the SKUY and GRAPHIS award competitions! Stay tuned as we evolve the campaign!


Brand Strategy,
UX Strategy,
Digital Strategy


Core Creative,
Website Development,
Digital Advertising



Gilead - Biktarvy 'My Pill My Life' campaign web creative.
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Gilead - Biktarvy 'My Pill My Life' campaign video and poster creative.
Gilead - Biktarvy 'My Pill My Life' campaign mobile web creative.
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