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Five Steps to Rebrand Your Healthcare Product

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Our success in delivering strategic plans and tactical solutions (both print and digital) for our clients is based on the skills and processes we have developed over many years of experience. Uncovering everything there is to know about your brand or product, its competitive landscape, and your customers will allow us to build a strong brand, and therefore foundation for future success.

With CPC Healthcare as your partner, we will ensure that you gain clarity about your brand, what differentiates it, and where you want your business to go. Our exclusive focus on the health wellness space provides us with unique insights to develop a tailored brand plan for health and wellness brands.

Although our experience has honed a well-defined information-gathering process, we are flexible enough to adapt to any client process requirements.Understanding your business will drive the rebranding exercise. Providing some initial insight into your vision, mission statement, and core values will form the basis of our recommendations. We like to have one or two stakeholder sessions with your team to understand what is driving your rebranding. Is it a change in business strategy or a refresh to reflect changing design sensibilities? Has the core brand changed recently in such a way that the look and feel no longer accurately reflect the business? Do you have a flagship location or product that drives the company culture or does each product customize its messaging to accommodate local requirements or competition? These are the types of questions that we would need to explore in order to gain a good understanding of your business.Who are your patients? Is there a key caregiver involved in the decision? Clearly defining the target audience for your brand will help focus your marketing efforts.

What are their primary motivations for selecting one product over another? It would be ideal if we could conduct some primary research with your patients or customers to understand why they selected your brand over the competition and if this is something we should highlight in your branding and messaging.

To fully understand your customers and assess their needs, we will capture the information in personas representing each of the most important customer segments.

Some elements which will be captured in these target stakeholders include

  • Demographic profile
  • Values, attitudes, needs
  • Preferred method of communication (e.g. face-to-face, websites, email)

Any gaps identified through this process could provide valuable insights. Ultimately, we will tease out what is important to each stakeholder. This knowledge will be leveraged for during the creation of the brand plan.

Primary research in the form of a quick online form sent after a visit can bring valuable insights into the process and patient journey. CPC will also conduct a social media audit to see what is being said online about your brand; both positive and negative.During the development of the brand plan, we will research your main competitors which includes any unique offerings they provide. Some of the details we will map out relative to each competitor include

  • What are their competitive differentiators?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is their social media footprint?

What is your position in the marketplace? We will develop a differentiated, defensible market positioning that is meaningful to your different audiences. Brand position is ideally a one- or two-sentence statement that communicates what the brand has to offer in relation to the market. It communicates the company’s core idea relative to the wants, needs, and desires of key stakeholders. Patients, caregivers, and associated healthcare professionals will all perceive value differently so your positioning should encompass the needs of all audiences.This is where all that research comes together and what is often the most fun part of the process. The brand identity are the visual elements that communicate your brand. Logo and tagline development often are several iterations of a process of elimination. Once the logo, along with its associated colour palette, are selected, we will start the process of applying the logo to different collateral pieces. We recommend exploring how the brand will be used in practice before solidifying the brand style guide.Are you looking to rebrand your healthcare product? CPC can help. Give us a call or drop us a line!

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